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Just do you

After a long day, you've earned a little self-indulgence and a drink to unwind with. A non-alcoholic drink, that is. With ISH, you can. So, put your legs up, your favorite music on, and enjoy the moment as you take your first sip. Aaahh... We've all been there. We know booze is not always the first choice to go with, if you have to get up early in the morning again for another day of great work accomplishment. But, then again, should you be cheated from the experience of enjoying a nice drink? No! Situations like these are the reason that ISH exists.

Give yourself a treat

May we suggest a glass of alcohol-free sparkling wine? Château del ISH Sparkling White or Rosé makes even a grey Tuesday festive with its pearly bubbles. Luckily, the fresh, Chateau del ISH goes nicely with a nice warm hot tub, so why not mix the two for a perfect relaxing selfcare session to wash the work-energy off you? The sound of the cork popping and the bubbles whispering "remember, do NOT feel guilty, you earned this moment!" to you as you pour yourself a glass. The freshness is the first impression that washes over you, as you take your first sip of this absolutely delicious alcohol-free drink.

Taste is God

After enjoying your nice bubble bath, you might feel ready for an alcohol-free cocktail with a little more punch to it. Here are two suggestions for you: The classic GinISH&Tonic, or maybe the sweet Passion MartinISH? First, there must be the right balance of sweetness, and bitterness, whatever your choice. If you are now thinking that it's impossible to recreate that balance in taste in an alcohol-free version of these cocktails, let us tell you immediately that you couldn't be more wrong. We are proud to have more than 40 international awards to confirm, that we only do products that are true to taste.

Drink mindfully

From the very beginning, our goal was to develop great-tasting non-alcoholic wines, spirits, and cocktails that match the satisfying experience of having a regular drink. ISH celebrates the freedom to choose. It's about living life to the fullest, without compromising your body or mind. The concept is called mindful drinking and is a growing global trend often inspired by the desire for a healthier lifestyle. What if you could have a drink you wouldn't even think was alcohol-free? Would you give it a shot?

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