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Who loves mojitos,
raise your hand?

With the significant scent of mint and the sweet yet tangy taste, it would only make sense to recreate the classic cocktail into a non-alcoholic Mojito version. We all know this delicious drink is the most popular cocktail on the menu once summer hits. Now we've added our twist to it, and without further ado: please allow us to introduce you to this seductive little Cuban beauty made in our very own ISH edition: Oh-So-Lojito. Summer's #1 non-alcoholic cocktail.

Authentic taste

Still haven't found the perfect recipe for a non-alcoholic Mojito that tastes like the real thing? Get ready to try a tasty treat that sends your thoughts straight to Cuba! We promise you won't be able to tell that the ISH Mojito (Oh-So-Lojito!) version is alcohol-free. With RumISH in it, you're guaranteed the authentic taste, only without the alcohol. That means you are allowed to have Oh-So-Lojitos wherever and whenever. Oh happy day!

Non-alcoholic mojito recipe


• 4 cl RumISH

• 10 Mint leaves

• 2 cl Sugar syrup

• 2 cl Fresh lime juice

• Mineral water

How It's Done

Put the mint leaves in a highball glass and stir gently. Add the rest of the ingredients into the glas and fill it with crushed ice. Stir with a spoon, top off with a splash of sparkling water, garnish with a couple of lime boats and fresh mint leaves, and presto! You now have the best non-alcoholic Mojito that is perfect for sharing with good friends or family on the terrace. So, light up the grill, put on your favorite music, and take a load off. You deserve it. Skål!

Alcohol-free rum

RumISH is the ultimate replacement for an excellent classic rum in a non-alcoholic Mojito. It provides the same warmth and complexity but without alcohol. The traditional rum flavor comes from natural botanical extracts such as vanilla from the Sava region of Madagascar and nutmeg. The satisfying heat we know and love in rum comes from chili seed shells extracted through a unique distillation process. Besides being non-alcoholic, RumISH contains 0% sugar while being ultra-low in calories (only 6 kcal/100 ml.), and last but not least: RumISH is vegan. So it makes sense why your new favorite non-alcoholic Mojito is such an excellent alternative for you, right?

About RumISH

RumISH is a non-alcoholic drinks mixer for making classic rum drinks, such as a non-alcoholic Mojito, that is the Oh-So-Lojito treat. ISH is proud to offer you the best existing alternative to alcohol, because frankly... who wants to do without their favorite cocktails? Not missing out is the whole point of mindful drinking. Mojito is the Rolls Royce of summer drinks because it manages to keep you cool and refreshed all night long during the hot summer months. Oh-So-Lojito gives you the same freshness and is just as tasty as a classic Mojito - but it will never make you regret mixing alcohol with the sun! Follow the recipe on this page to make yourself a refreshing non-alcoholic Mojito so you can skip the hangover horror the next day.

No- and low-alcohol recipes

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To-do: add RumISH

Don't forget RumISH for your Oh-So-Lojito.

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