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How to be a mindful host

Great food and tasty drinks are undeniably linked when you gather with friends for a cozy evening, whether they're into non-alcoholic cocktails or just the usual kinds. At ISH, we know how much it means to the crowd, and you not least, that everyone feels comfortable. Our award-winning non-alcoholic wines, spirits, and premixed cocktails are for situations like these. At ISH, this is what we know most about: inclusivity.

So, what is Inclusivity Anyway? Well, it means you've catered to everyone. It all comes down to offering the best experience possible for each person in the room, minding if there are special needs to tend to. If, for instance, one or more guests don't drink alcohol, it would be highly considerate of you as the host to be prepared and ensure a proper alternative. Here we give you a cheat sheet on scoring top marks for good hosting when you have guests who have chosen to say "no thanks" to alcohol on this particular evening. In addition, you get our take on delicious non-alcoholic drinks that will enthuse any mindful drinker.

Non-alcoholic welcome drink

We suggest an easy and non-alcoholic SpritzISH. The thing about spritz is that everyone can recall memories of sun rays, music, and steaks on the grill immediately when the taste hits the tongue. It is so distinctive with quassia, cinnamon, and gentian root notes, sweetened with lemon, orange, and mandarin. This compound taste that spritz has is reproduced so accurately in SpritzISH.

Non-alcoholic cocktail for the food

If your guest(s) don't want a glass of our great ISH non-alcoholic wine to go with the meal, we need to get hold of a beloved, winey and mouthwatering favorite for replacement. Happy HugoISH has a delicate balance between its sweetness and acidity. Therefore, it fits perfectly with most things - hot foods in particular. This non-alcoholic cocktail version is excellent with its lime/elderflower ease while still getting the experience that there is actual alcohol in it. So you can toast away many times during dinner!

Non-alcoholic after dinner drinks

After dinner, we have two options, one for the coffee lovers and one for the rest of them! If you love coffee, you will appreciate an Espresso MartinISH. It can almost replace a dessert with its palette from RumISH, made from nutmeg, caramel, and natural Madagascar vanilla.

If you are more into something more KA-POW, try offering the guests a sharp NegronISH, but note that this recipe is a mindful cocktail. In other words, it contains a slight amount of alcohol, but still, only about 6% compared to the usual 23%. It's important to remember that mindful drinking isn't about stopping drinking alcohol altogether but having the best alternatives, even the feeling of what you can or want to do. So, this low cocktail you can easily tempt with if anyone wants to.

... And now, back to you

Now you have set the optimal level of entertainment for the rest of the evening. It will undoubtedly be a memorable evening for guests who will feel acknowledged and pampered - by you! So now you can sit back and relax a little. You deserve that after paying so much attention to the needs of others and doing an excellent job of being a mindful and inclusive host.


Cheers to you!

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