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This is a gin... ISH.
But you'd never know.

It's probably no coincidence that our non-alcoholic gin has won more than 40 international awards! GinISH is sugar-free, zero calories, vegan, and quite frankly a game-changer when it comes down to taste.

We proudly present GinISH, our first product among many, and our crown jewel. We are so happy to be able to give mindful drinkers all the good that life has to offer, without compromising quality, taste or social setting.

A blessing in disguise

In 2017, the owner and founder of ISH, Morten Sørensen, took the challenge of 100 days without alcohol. It started as a fun personal aspiration, but it ended up being an experience that changed his life. He couldn't find any suitable alternatives to alcohol that hit the bullseye for him. The mission was clear: To make a non-alcoholic gin so good that no one would miss its alcohol.

During his 100-day journey, Morten noticed the rising attention around his choice to quit alcohol for a while. He was met with everything from confusion and wondering to curiosity – fortunately, mostly the latter. We certainly get that sense at ISH's headquarters, too, with a still increasing tendency to opt-out alcohol, either for a while or for good. The reasons to make this choice are countless, but the benefits always the same - better sleep, more energy, and generally just feeling more pulled together to face the day with a strong and positive mindset.

The winner takes it all

GinISH has won numerous international awards, among others "Best White Spirit" at the Imbibe No & Low Taste Awards. We believe the reason to be that tons of effort was put into rethinking the authentic gin flavor into an alcohol-free version. After all, you shouldn't expect small things from a drink that unites everyone around the table, whether they drink alcohol or not. GinISH is: 

• Authentic in taste

• Sugar-free

• Calorie-free

• Refined with neatly selected ingredients

We are picky for you

At ISH, we are not traditional, but the taste is! We only use premium ingredients that are properly grown. As a result, GinISH honors the authentic taste of gin. It has robust notes of juniper accompanied by classic gin botanicals like coriander seeds and citrus. We use natural extracts to achieve the conventional gin taste, and chili gives GinISH the satisfying warmth we recognize from traditional gin.

GinISH is loved by...

• Those looking for a healthier lifestyle

• Those who are getting up early to perform

•Those who are pregnant

• Those who are the desginated driver

• Those with the high blood pressure

• Those who just don't love hangovers

• Those who are the host(ess) with the most(est)

... and of course everyone else too!


We might be biased, but don't just take our word for it.

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