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Pregnancy may mean you can’t drink. But it doesn’t mean you can’t be social.

You’re pregnant, now what? You didn’t wake up and suddenly not have friends wanting to hang out on a Friday after work. Invitations to outings didn’t abruptly stop. The taste of a well-made cocktail didn’t suddenly disappear. That desire to sit on the couch, binge-streaming the latest hit series while enjoying a glass of wine? Yep, still there. But since you’re pregnant, what did change is your ability to enjoy the drinks associated with all of these activities.

Or did it?

Welcome to the mindful world of ISH, where being pregnant, and enjoying a social cocktail is indeed possible. Where diapers and daiquiris coexist. Where your baby shower comes with a spritz, or a glass of rosé, whichever you prefer.

Award-winning alcohol-free drinks for any occasion

Explore our full range of alcohol-free products with our Taste of ISH, tasting pack. All made from natural ingredients to provide you with the familiar flavors you know and love so you can say yes to that cocktail or wine moment you deserve.

Is ISH safe to enjoy while pregnant?

It sure is. Since our GinISH and RumISH are labeled with less than 0,5% alcohol and our SpritzISH and GinISH &Tonic with less than 0,2% and 0,4% respectively, they’re all perfectly safe to enjoy while pregnant. You might be surprised to learn that many everyday food products actually contain trace amounts of alcohol. Orange juice, for example, contains 0,3%-0,4% alcohol. The soy sauce we love to put on sushi? That has alcohol too. Ever eaten a very ripe banana? Then the odds are you consumed some alcohol—up to 0,4%. Even bread, once baked, can have residual traces of alcohol. Yet all of these are considered alcohol-free from a regulatory standpoint as the amount of alcohol is so minimal that it has no impact whatsoever.

However, if enjoying something that is 0% makes you more comfortable, no problem, we’ve got those too. For that, we recommend our Château del ISH Sparkling Wines. Made from traditional grapes and dealcoholized fully to provide you with a sparkling wine experience with no compromise.


Château del ISH

Sparkling White

Sparkling White made from Pinot Blanc and Silvaner grapes. Low in sugar and calories. Comes in 750 ml bottles and 250...

Château del ISH

Sparkling Rosé

Sparkling Rosé made from Merlot and Pinot Noir grapes. Low in sugar and calories. Comes in 750 ml bottles and 250 ml ...